REAL CASE 1: a well-known Italian athlete, an Olympic medalist, discovered by chance that his image had been used in a drug advertising poster distributed by a pharmaceutical company to hospitals and doctors’ offices.

OUTCOME: In response to our cease and desist letter and request for damages, the pharmaceutical company stated that the poster had been distributed for the sole purpose of celebrating the image of the athlete. Following filing of a lawsuit, the pharmaceutical company, during the first hearing, agreed to settle the dispute by paying the athlete a fee for the unlawful exploitation of his image.

REAL CASE 2: a couple complained that their privacy was unwarrantably infringed in a popular television programme during which details of their sex life (i.e., sensitive personal data) were revealed without their consent.

OUTCOME: Following our application for an urgent injunction, the competent Court ordered the television program to stop its infringing conduct. Subsequently, at the end of ordinary court proceedings, the couple were awarded damages for infringement of personal information.

REAL CASE 3: the direct telephone number of the office of a bank CEO was published in the telephone directory among the bank’s contact details.

OUTCOME: At the end of proceedings against the relevant telephone operator, the Court of Milan ordered that the number be no longer published in the telephone directory and awarded considerable damages to our Client.

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