REAL CASE 1 – separated couple with children, sole custody arrangement: the custodial parent’s relationship with the children was marked by conflict and certain behaviours were incompatible with the exercise of parental duties”.

OUTCOME: we filed an application to modify the terms of separation on behalf of the non-custodial parent. Our client was granted physical custody of the children after a court-ordered expert report showed that the custodial parent had committed violent acts against the children.

REAL CASE 2 – proceedings to terminate parental rights based on allegations later found to be false and malicious: a family quarrel, provoked by one of the parents as a pretext for gathering elements that would be useful in the context of separation proceedings (removal of the other parent from the home), led to the intervention of the police.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Juvenile Court instituted proceedings to terminate the father’s parental rights because his wife accused him of harming their children, one of whom was underage.

OUTCOME: The mother’s deceitful behaviour was revealed during the proceedings, not least thanks to the evidence given by the couple’s children, including the alleged minor victim. This avoided the termination of parental rights for the father, as well as the intervention of child welfare services.

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