REAL CASE 1 – industrial property rights of an international tour operator: our Client’s distinctive signs  (including their trade mark, domain name and meta tag – i.e., a keyword used by search engines to index a web page) were being unlawfully used on the Internet by a former consultant of theirs who worked in the cruise industry.

OUTCOME: Following an interim injunction to stop the unlawful conduct immediately, the judgment on the merits awarded considerable damages in favour of our Client and fixed the fine the other party would have to pay in case of future violations of our Client’s rights.

REAL CASE 2 – industrial property rights of a company operating in the catering industry: a restaurant located in Tuscany was illegally using the highly distinctive trademark of a Rome-based company operating in the catering industry.

OUTCOME: The Court of Appeal of Florence found a trademark infringement, ordering the company guilty of counterfeiting to stop using the trademark and condemning it to pay damages.